Review: An excellent thriller, full of twists and turns

Journalist Spencer Beck is obsessed with billionaire biotech prodigy Adam Reid. And in my opinion, slightly naive. But he is also cynical, single-minded and tenacious. Daniel Flanagan is your typical hard-bitten American cop, whose still bitter where Reid is concerned. But he is determined to have a crack at Reid for the sake of his late partner. Beck and Flanagan work well as a team trying to bring down Reid.

This is an excellent thriller, full of twists and turns. I was immediately thinking this has all the makings of a noir thriller.

The author subtly questions the morals of the present world. He also leaves the reader with much to ponder on with his insightful observations. This makes the novel Always Adam a thought-provoking and intriguing read.

Always Adam is very intense and electrifying. There is plenty of dialogue to wade through, and the plot can be a little complex at times. But it is relevant and well worth the patience. It is the subtleties at play that drew me in, the small intricacies that kept me page-turning. I have to be honest, I thought I would get bored with the heavy dialogue, but far from it. I found it absorbing.

This book isn’t for a sensitive heart. Exploring some very dark themes with some of the descriptions close to the knuckle. Some of the content, as you would expect, is colourful.

Always Adam is well written, well crafted, and up-to-date thriller that will keep you riveted. It is clever, inventive and intelligent. Full of bio-tech science that is not too heavy, but neither is it boring.

I pick and choose my books to read very carefully. That is why I very rarely give poor ratings. I am so glad I decided to select Always Adam because it is definitely a thriller with a twist.

I really enjoyed Always Adam, and I recommend this book to fans of Crichton‎, Deighton, Ludlum etc.

Thank you, NetGalley, Boomslang Books and Mark Brumby, for the ADC of the book.

John Derek, Reviewer