Without Rules published by Boomslang

Without Rules (ISBN: 9780993015182 price £8.99) by northumberland author Andrew Field was published in paperback and Kindle on 15 October 2018 by Boomslang.

In the book lead protagonist China Mackie can only escape her abusive father and his gang if she is more ruthless than they are – but she cannot do it alone after her original plan backfires and leaves a bloodbath on the cold wet streets of an unnamed northern coastal city. She has to seduce and convince hired killer Jak Hart to kill for her. 

“In Without Rules damaged, vulnerable people have to do bad things to escape evil. But can they justify their own actions because of the depravity of the original unpunished crimes?  Are they as guilty as the abusers because in reality they are no different from them?” asked Andrew Field. 

“Can you justify your own your actions because of the depravity of the original unpunished crimes against you.  Are you then as guilty as they are because you’re just the same as them?”

“All fiction is underpinned by a sense of morality and responsibility. We want to avoid glamorising paedophiles and crooks or intellectualise killers. Enough of that is done already with the plethora of crime stories about smart serial killers.”

Andrew Field lives, works and plays in Northumberland, England, Europe, with his partner, Catherine. He has been a trade journalist in Southampton in his youth. He owned a PR agency in the nineties and early noughties and is now an independent PR, marketing and publishing consultant. He has spent most of his working life helping raise the profiles of others. Now the roles are reversed as he steps into the spotlight with Without Rules.

  • Without Rules was republished in August 2020 with a new front cover.


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