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Always Adam review

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London-based financial journalist Spencer Beck is obsessed with billionaire biotech prodigy, Adam Reid, orphaned in his mid-teens when his parents died in a tragic murder-suicide in New York City.

A shadowy informant with MI5 connections promises Beck unfettered access to the mysterious Reid and introduces him to Daniel Flanagan, a retired Big Apple detective who investigated the deaths of Adam’s mother and father.

Spencer’s initial scepticism, fed by the suspicions of the former police officer, turns to excitement when Reid reveals the truth about himself and his altruistic ambitions to protect society from a deadly virus with a powerful vaccine he’s developed.

But when Beck’s entire world starts to implode, he discovers Reid harbours a vendetta that, left unchecked, threatens not only his survival but that of an entire species.




“Take one part brilliant-scientist-gone-rogue, one part revenge-thriller, and one part snarky-narrator-with-everything-to-lose, mix them together, and you’ll get Always Adam.” Meredith Rankin, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is a book that demands attention because it is clever, relevant and while there are parts that incredibly complex, it is well worth the effort to untangle because this is a story that packs a punch.” Rowena Andrews, GoodReads

“More twists and turns than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board.” Amanda, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is full of scientific knowledge that Brumby has eeked out into a delightful tale of intrigue and the impossible.” Kimberly, GoodReads 

“I love a story that hooks me immediately and Always Adam did just that.” Sharon Rimmelzwaan, GoodReads 

“Jeeeez!! What an absolute whirlwind of an experience! I never knew I needed a book about biotechnology in my life, but this has just blown my mind.” Emily Quinn, GoodReads 

“An intriguing read about biotechnology that will draw you in.” Jacqueline Ellison, GoodReads 

“To combine the worlds of journalism, finance and biotechnology into a fast paced thriller takes real skill. Mark Brumby has a fluid style that provides insights into what can be challenging areas but makes them clear, engaging and provides surprises to the end.” Peter Linacre 

“Always Adam is well written, well crafted, and up-to-date thriller that will keep you riveted.” John Derek

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