Sci-Fi thriller Always Adam published by Boomslang

Always Adam (ISBN: 9781999982638 price £8.99) by York-based author Mark Brumby will be published on 30 November 2020 by Boomslang Books.

The Sci-Fi thriller, set in London and New York, pits a financial journalist against a biotech billionaire armed with a virus, a vaccine and a vendetta against society. 

The synopsis reads: 

London-based financial journalist Spencer Beck is obsessed with billionaire biotech prodigy, Adam Reid, orphaned in his mid-teens when his parents died in a tragic murder-suicide in New York City.

A shadowy informant with MI5 connections promises Beck unfettered access to the mysterious Reid and introduces him to Daniel Flanagan, a retired Big Apple detective who investigated the deaths of Adam’s mother and father.

Spencer’s initial scepticism, fed by the suspicions of the former police officer, turns to excitement when Reid reveals the truth about himself and his altruistic ambitions to protect society from a deadly virus with a powerful vaccine he’s developed.

But when Beck’s entire world starts to implode, he discovers Reid harbours a vendetta that, left unchecked, threatens not only his survival but that of an entire species.

“Always Adam is Si-Fi crime thriller written by Mark with great pace and humour and Boomslang is delighted to bring the book to a new audience. We think they’ll love the compelling mash-up of billionaires, viruses, vaccines and vendettas set in London and New York City,” said Boomslang publisher, Julian Charles.   

A Cambridge economics graduate, Mark Brumby is a vastly experience financial analyst and owner of Langton Capital, an FCA-regulated advisory company specialising in the hospitality and leisure sectors. He is a partner in the Imbiba Partnership, which invests in pub, bar and restaurant start-ups. 

Mark wrote Always Adam (originally published as Payback) in 2013. Boomslang is republishing the book in November 2020 as it deserves to reach a wider audience in the current pandemic climate.

“Covid-19 has brought home not just the fragility of human life but the power of vaccines. Very shortly, we hope, a vaccine could physically alter the cell structure of three or four billion people and protect the same number again via herd immunity. But what if a vaccine were misused?”

“As an author, Covid-19 has moved the goalposts. It has made the unbelievable a little more believable. A pandemic, until December of last year was, literally, a fiction,” said Mark, who is currently working on the sequel to Always Adam.