How do you stop a biotech billionaire armed with a virus, a vaccine and a vendetta?

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Up Close with Mark Brumby

Hello there, thanks for clicking through to find out a little more about Adam Reid and the novel Always Adam.

We’d be delighted if you bought the book and reviewed it favourably thereafter and, to that end, there are the usual links to our publishing site for hard copies and to Amazon for eBooks.

But we thought we’d take the opportunity to share a few words before pitching into the hard sell because Always Adam poses some interesting questions like, for example, who are the good guys?

And did the people cast as villains, victims and the vanquished really choose to be cast in those roles? Maybe everyone sees themselves as the hero of their own story. I know that we do…

Enjoy the book. Here’s a short video where author Mark Brumby looks at some of these questions a little more closely.


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What they say about Always Adam 

“Take one part brilliant-scientist-gone-rogue, one part revenge-thriller, and one part snarky-narrator-with-everything-to-lose, mix them together, and you’ll get Always Adam.”

***** Meredith Rankin, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is a book that demands attention because it is clever, relevant and while there are parts that incredibly complex, it is well worth the effort to untangle because this is a story that packs a punch.”

**** Rowena Andrews, GoodReads

“More twists and turns than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board.”

**** Amanda, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is full of scientific knowledge that Brumby has eeked out into a delightful tale of intrigue and the impossible.”

**** Kimberly, GoodReads 

“I love a story that hooks me immediately and Always Adam did just that.”

***** Sharon Rimmelzwaan, GoodReads 

“Jeeeez!! What an absolute whirlwind of an experience! I never knew I needed a book about biotechnology in my life, but this has just blown my mind.”

***** Emily Quinn, GoodReads 

“An intriguing read about biotechnology that will draw you in.”

***** Jacqueline Ellison, GoodReads 

“To combine the worlds of journalism, finance and biotechnology into a fast paced thriller takes real skill. Mark Brumby has a fluid style that provides insights into what can be challenging areas but makes them clear, engaging and provides surprises to the end.”

***** Peter Linacre, Goodreads 

“This was a gripping read. It is a thriller where you are desperate to find out what is going to unfold next. At the same it delves into thought-provoking and very in-depth themes around evolution, viruses & bio-tec, corporate messiahs, and the nature of power. Highly recommended reading.”

***** Duncan H, Amazon  

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