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All Down The Line Review

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MANCHESTER: Cain Bell thought he had closure over his daughter’s hit and run death after Ted Blake confessed he was behind the wheel just before he died.

Fast forward twenty years and Cain’s fiancée claims the driver was lying. Before she can say more, a savage attack leaves her in a coma fighting for her life.

To make sense of the assault, Cain must discover why four friends swore blind to never reveal the tragic truth about the circumstances surrounding the killing of his daughter.

He can only succeed if he persuades Manchester’s most terrifying gangster to talk.

But Billy McGinty is in no mood to break his own wall of silence. Somehow Cain must convince him to spill the beans, even if it means putting his own life on the line.




“Perfect for anyone who loves crime fiction and has a connection to Manchester, The city lives and breathes through this book.” Beneathahousandskies

“An intricate plot that has plenty of twists that lead to a surprising and satisfying climax.” Avonna, GoodReads

“One roller coaster of a ride, it was dangerous, gripping, tense, enthralling and gritty.” Dash, GoodReads 

“An excellent new crime novel, perfect for anyone who loves crime fiction, has a connection to Manchester as the city lives and breathes through this book.” Rowena Andrew, GoodReads

“Gritty, well written story with twists that keep you guessing.” Sharon Rimmelzwaan, GoodReads 

“Gripping crime thriller filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and plot twists.” Sharon, GoodReads

“Effortlessly captures his audience and pulls them into the lives of some very real characters.” Emily Quinn, GoodReads 

“The Manchester accent shines through.” Catherine Castling, GoodReads

“Suspenseful read, has loss, danger, a crime family, revenge and so much more.” Jacqueline Ellison, GoodReads 

“Brilliant dark, gritty and thrilling crime story full of danger. Exploring loss, searching for the truth and trying against will to gain revenge, this is one fast plot line to keep you on your toes.” Laura Turner (PageTurnersNook)

“A dark, powerful and well-plotted noir thriller set in Manchester … overall this a cracking read.”  Alexjbookreviews

“A fascinating “what if” as an everyday, normal guy finds himself tussling with the local mob. This is a gripping read, after a bit of a slow start, and you will find the characters and their relationships fascinating as they develop.” Louise Gray 

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