Review: The writing is blunt

Going to start off by saying if you are easily offended or easily uncomfortable then this book may not be for you. However, if you want to live dangerously….well hello to you!

So helping to close the tour today on this awesome book Without Rules, and one thing i learned there are NO rules!

I need a different analogy than a rollercoaster, so this book is like getting in a life with no breaks! You just do not know what is going to happen next and if it will stop. (All in a good way).

I have been really excited about this book and what it entails when I saw two words professional and hitman in the blurb! I knew I was on to a winner and I was not disappointed.

The writing is exquisite as you are drawn into the pages so you are going to need to set time aside for this book, and you will need to concentrate. From the opening pages, the ride does not relent and I couldn’t let the book go.

You have a fair few characters to get your head around, but I loved having loads of people thrown at me (Not like that and not literally!). I was excited to see who was going to do what and when. And China, well, I was sold on her, she is feisty and boy does she love a few choice words, what is not to love!

The writing is blunt and no words get minced at all, the scenes are graphic and there are a few events that some people might not enjoy (Hence the content warning). So, maybe I am perverse but everything in the book fitted in with the context, yes it was uncomfortable to read don’t get me wrong, but we did see some reasons to why even if they weren’t logical or right!

This is one thing I love about blog tours, you find authors you might not necessarily have discovered on your own, and I have found an author I am not letting out of my sights that is for sure. I look forward to what is coming up next! (less)

Zoé-lee O’farrell