Review: dangerous, gripping, tense, enthralling and gritty

Cain is all set to ask the elusive April to marry him and when she says Yes, he feels like his floating on air…..

But before April agreed she whispers in his ear that she has secrets…secrets that once she reveals them he will hate her forever!

But Cain worships the ground April walks on. That can’t possibly be true can it?

On their way home Cain and April are viciously attacked, causing April to black out and end up in a coma with a bleed on the brain.

But seconds before the attack… April whispers that the Man Cain believes responsible for his daughter’s death….isn’t true!

But Cain is plagued by April’s revelation, now she might not survive. So Cain is forced to relive those painful memories and go in search for the truth…. even if it means walking into serious Danger and dealing with unsavoury characters!

This book was one roller coaster of a ride, it was dangerous, gripping, tense, enthralling and gritty. I loved all the secrets and cleverly plotted Twists it certainly kept me on my toes.

So if you love Gritty and Suspenseful Crime Thrillers then you have to pick up a copy of ALL DOWN THE LINE!

Dash Fan