Review: No punches are spared

Cain’s life is looking great , he has a stake in a successful restaurant and the woman he loves has just agreed to marry him. What ever could go wrong in his life?

A chance meeting with two thugs as he and his fiancé April walk home after work leads to a terrible accident and life no longer looks so good.

Will Cain find out what the secret regarding his dead daughter was that his fiancé wanted to tell him when they got home and more importantly can he track down the thugs who broke his life into a million pieces.

Trawling the underbelly of Manchester and meeting some of its more deadly criminals Cain will stop at nothing to get to the truth, even if his death is the price he will have to pay.

An intricately plotted book that contains some not so nice characters who add the darkness and gritty feel to the overall experience of the book.

A relentless main character in Cain whose aim and goal is to uncover the truth of his daughter’s death. A goal that that writer makes him suffer to achieve but which makes the ending of the book all the more satisfying when the truth is revealed.

No punches are spared as the book goes on it dark , deadly journey into the criminal world hidden by the glitzy and glamorous facade of the wealthy clientele of Manchester. Unravel the plot twists that fill the pages and enjoy a satisfying, pacy read.

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