Review: Intricately plotted, gripping thriller

This gritty thriller is set in the mean streets of Manchester and contains references to the Manchester film and music culture, past and present is narrated from the perspective of the main character Cain Bell, PR officer by day and also marketing agent for The Red Manifesto, the best restaurant in Manchester owned by his beautiful fiancee April.

Haunted by the spirit of his young daughter Hannah or Little Miss Red Dress as he calls her, just when it  feels like he finally has a chance at happiness, April is viciously attacked right after she informs him that Ted Blake was not driving the car that killed Bell’s beloved daughter and that she has secrets that would cause him to hate her if he found out the truth.

Battling against a wall of silence and a climate of fear, Bell launches a search into the truth of behind Hannah’s death, the attack on April and why he has suddenly found himself in the sights of Manchester’s biggest gangster Billy McGinty.

A search that will uncover shocking secrets from the past and cause Bell to encounter danger, deception and betrayal whilst worrying about April and being railroaded into a decision that will change his life forever.

I really liked Bell, I thought he was a fantastic, kind hearted, likeable character. April’s daughter’s Summer’s obsession with God and praying got really annoying after a while and I most definitely didn’t like April’s creepy ex husband Bob, I thought some of his comments about Summer were weird and very inappropriate.

The secondary characters were a mixed bag of well rounded, vivid individuals, most of them were not very likeable or trustworthy.

This is a very well written, intricately plotted, gripping thriller that has some unexpected twists and turns, keeps the reader guessing and glued to your kindle.

The characters were well rounded, vivid and realistic ,the story was perfectly paced and intriguing and held my attention throughout the entire book.

I really enjoyed this thrilling read and would happily read more of this author’s books in the future.