Review: A love for Manchester

PR man Cain Bell publicly proposed to girlfriend April Sands who accepts but whispers she must share secrets before they can marry. Secrets he won’t like. But before she gets a chance to tell him, something happens to change their lives forever. Cain has already experienced one tragedy in his life – the death of his daughter, and he thought he knew what happened. But April has made him question everything he thought he knew.

I enjoyed Field’s writing, he has a great turn of phrase. The characterisation is really good, and it’s a very colourful cast. He puts protagonist Cain through the emotional wringer in this book as things around him fall apart. The action takes place over a short period of time giving the whole thing a sense of immediacy. The author clearly has a love for Manchester, where the story is set, and that shines though the writing. The same goes for the music coming out of Manchester. It’s footballing fame is also acknowledged.

This was a quick and easy read for me, one I could fit into my week easily. All Down The Line is a characterful thriller featuring a fair few larger than life characters and more than one dirty secret.

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