Review: plenty of secrets, villains and violence

ALL DOWN THE LINE by Andrew Field is a new crime fiction/mystery book by a new to me author. The story is set in Manchester and pits a grieving protagonist against an organized crime family in a fast-paced, tightly plotted standalone mystery.

Cain Bell lost his 10-year-old daughter in a hit and run on the streets of Manchester. While the driver did not stop at the scene, a man does confess to the crime before he dies of prostate cancer. The accident destroys Cain’s marriage and he lives in a fast paced limbo until he meets April.

Fast forward twenty years and Cain proposes to April in their restaurant, Red Manisfesto. April says yes, but she tells Cain she has a secret that must be revealed first about the death of his daughter, but before she can tell her secret, the two are attacked on their way home from the restaurant. April ends up in a coma and is not expected to live.

To discover April’s secret, Cain begins to ask questions that have been covered up for many years. Each discovery only leads to more danger as Cain finds himself pitted against the most feared crime boss in Manchester and his terrifying family.

This gritty crime fiction/mystery story has a crew of characters that are not very likable, but they are interesting. I did feel for Cain and his losses and I was surprised by his determination to find the truth even as he was completely out of his league. Mr. Field has written an intricate plot that has plenty of twists that lead to a surprising and satisfying climax.

This is a fast-paced gritty crime fiction/mystery with plenty of secrets, villains and violence.

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