Review: Captured the essence of Manchester

It should have been the happiest day of Cain Bell’s life – his restaurant is a roaring success, and the love of his life has just accepted his proposal. Things couldn’t be going any better, but a brutal attack along one of Manchester’s canals turns Cain’s world upside down.

All Down the Line by Andrew Field is a non-stop thriller that keeps you on your toes. I smashed through this book in about three days – I couldn’t put the book down! Andrew Field has captured the essence of Manchester in his words – he’s got the setting and the characters’ personalities down to a t.

The story follows Cain as he tries to figure out who’s been in his quest to find his daughter’s killer. I do feel sorry for Cain – his whole world is thrust upside down in an instant. People he thought he knew and could trust turn out to be liars. His beautiful fiancé suddenly turns into a stranger and he discovers his daughter’s murderer might be closer to home than he first thought. As you delve into Cain’s life and history, more and more questions crop up that you wonder if they’ll ever be answered. You feel Cain’s frustration and pain at losing his daughter, the love of his life, and everything he ever thought to be true.

Field has created an array of colourful characters inhabiting an extremely accurate version of Manchester. The Manchester accent shines through in Field’s writing and his crazily accurate description of places in Manchester transports you to the streets of this northern power.

I loved this book, it’s one that I’ll come back to again and again and see if I can spot anything new. Field’s writing is captivating and thrilling, it really draws you in. You’ll like All Down the Line if you enjoyed things like Sherlock, the Bodyguard, etc.

Cathy Reads