Review: Sense of danger

Synopsis; London-based financial journalist Spencer Beck is obsessed with billionaire biotech prodigy, Adam Reid, orphaned in his mid-teens when his parents died in a tragic murder-suicide in New York City. A shadowy informant with MI5 connections promises Beck unfettered access to the mysterious Reid and introduces him to Daniel Flanagan, a retired Big Apple detective who investigated the deaths of Adam’s mother and father. Spencer’s initial scepticism, fed by the suspicions of the former police officer, turns to excitement when Reid reveals the truth about himself and his altruistic ambitions to protect society from a deadly virus with a powerful vaccine he’s developed. But when Beck’s entire world starts to implode, he discovers Reid harbours a vendetta that, left unchecked, threatens not only his survival but that of an entire species.

The first half of this book was great I was completely gripped and couldn’t put it down. However I feel like the middle of the book was just a little bit drawn out and I felt myself lose interest. However overall the book was great I think I would have liked more dialogue rather than description as that’s where the author really excelled. The author also knew how to grab your attention and the sense of danger was captured throughout the book. 

Hannah Loves to Read