Review: Dark, very twisty story

A story about biotechnology that I would not have thought I would have understood…never mind enjoyed. Well, enjoyed is a bit of an understatement, I got caught up in the story and was at the end before I even realised. A book that is action-packed with all sorts. So many twists and turns and conversations that are on the darker side of life.

We meet a financial journalist, Spencer Beck, who’s on an obsessive mission to understand an infamous billionaire whose parents were killed in a murder-suicide when he was a teen. Then the story just unravels from there and wow, what a story. The author has created scenes and characters that are so vivid and memorable that I just need to keep on reading to see how it all panned out. I love a story that hooks me immediately and Always Adam did just that. It is a dark, very twisty story and not short on keeping me curious.

A great book with surprises aplenty too. Highly recommend this book if you enjoy an immersive, intriguing read that never stops with the action.

Sharon Beyond the Books 

Mark Brumby – Always Adam